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Applications for the 2016-2017 Youth Leader Council areYouth Leader Council logo now closed.
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WHAT IS THE YLC?  The Youth Leader Council (or YLC for short) is a group of middle and high school students of all abilities who have been identified as stellar student leaders. They must have been student leaders at some point during their UT days, not necessarily within the past year. Graduating senior leaders are welcome to apply.

WHAT DO YLC MEMBERS DO?   The 2016-2017 YLC will kick off at a weekend-long orientation at Camp Hemlocks in Hebron, CT. All travel, accommodations, and food costs for the weekend will be paid by Unified Theater. YLC members will arrive in the afternoon on Friday, June 17th and will depart in the morning on Sunday, June 19th. During this orientation, YLC members will set goals for their time in the YLC, learn about and discuss issues within the inclusion and disability communities, and learn more about Unified Theater behind the scenes and at other schools. The weekend will end with the YLC Challenge in which YLC members will work together to create a video to be used during Spotlight Summits.

During their year-long term lasting June 2016 through June 2017, members of the YLC 2016-2017 will craft blog and Spotlight Center posts, give feedback on Unified Theater curriculum, share best practices from their school's program, advise UT staff on special events and projects, and create shareable content such as videos and social media posts. 
YLC members will have the opportunity to present at a Unified Theater board meeting, present and perform at special events such as the Spotlight Showcase, and receive one-on-one leadership mentoring from a Unified Theater staff member.
  • DEPENDABLE: When a YLC member says they can make it to a meeting at a certain time, they do so. When a YLC member needs a little extra time on an assignment, he/she asks for it ahead of the due date. 
  • CREATIVE: A YLC member loves coming up with new ideas and is not hesitant in sharing them.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC: A YLC member is interested in learning about and participating in conversations about Unified Theater and inclusion.
  • A COLLABORATOR: A YLC member enjoys working with others, hearing multiple points of view, and finding ways to use everyone's ideas creatively.
  • HONEST: A YLC member gives honest feedback and responses in order to better UT as an organization.
  • FRIENDLY: A YLC member is respectful of others' ideas and opinions.
  • INCLUSIVE: A YLC member looks for opportunities to include others in Unified Theater and beyond.

If you'd like to learn more about the YLC, please contact Sarah at

2016-2017 YOUTH LEADER COUNCIL MEMBERS (clockwise from top left)

Unified Theater students posing as a group on a dock

Connor: Connor is very excited to be a member of the YLC this year! Connor is a junior at South Windsor High School in South Windsor, CT, and has been participating in Unified Theater since his freshman year. Connor has been the inclusion specialist, and will be directing his school's Unified Theater show this upcoming year. Aside from Unified, Connor enjoys competing with his school show choir, and performing in an a cappella group as well as his school's fall musicals. Additionally, Connor is an active volunteer for his town's Relay For Life, and enjoys playing with his dog, Otis.

Sara: Hi, my name is Sara and I will be a freshmen at Conard High School this fall. I’m always found giggling, spontaneously bursting into laughter, and taming my overactive imagination. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip and my favorite scent is vanilla. When I’m not involved with Unified Theater you can find me memorizing lines for a musical, practicing flute, or playing tennis. I started Unified Theater two years ago and have been hooked ever since. It has been a great way to branch out and meet amazing people. I am absolutely flattered to be part of the Youth Leader Council and can’t wait to meet even more awesome people. Unified Theater has taught me many valuable lessons. I think the most important one is to be yourself. I’m a loud, giggly, bubbly person and Unified Theater has helped me be proud of that.

Kaitlin: Kaitlyn is 15 years old and a freshman at Daniel Hand High School. She has been a part of Unified Theatre for two years, one year as a student and one year as a mentor. She isn’t one for acting, but loves to direct, make the playbill, and participate in stage crew. In her free time, Kaitlyn participates on two robotics teams,  math team, science olympiad, and ice hockey. All in all she loves Unified Theatre and can’t wait to be a part of the YLC!

Maddie: My name is Maddie. I have been a part of Unified theater for 4 years, and, it is easy to say that these 4 years have been the best years of my life. For 2 of these years I have been the Assistant Director and the Choreographer at Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford, CT. I have also been in the YLC for one year. I am so excited to return again! I love Unified Theater. I love how everyone, despite their abilities can become one and put on an amazing show that includes everyone!

Lauren: I'm Lauren, a sophomore at Conard High School. I live in West Hartford, CT with my mom, dad, and my two younger brothers. I have been involved with Unified Theater since middle school and I am an Inclusion Specialist for Conard/Hall UT this year. For the past two years I have had the opportunity to teach sign language for my school's UT program. I started learning sign language in kindergarten and I hope to use it as part of my future career.

Kendra: Kendra is going into her senior year at Southington High School in Connecticut. She has been performing with Unified Theater since her freshman year and will be continuing with her third year as a student leader. Outside of UT, Kendra is an active member of the SHS drama club and award winning marching band. Se also has over 20 theater credits to her name. Kendra is very excited to be on the YLC and can't wait for the year to come!

Jacob: I am 19 years old and live in Bedford, Massachusetts with my parents, younger brother Zachary, and my dog Fenway. I am a student in the LABBB Program at Belmont High School in Belmont, Mass. In my free time I enjoy singing in the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus. I also dosocial activities with Yachad, a Global Jewish Organization for individuals with disabilities. In the summer of 2015 and again in 2016 I traveled throughout Israel with Yachad. It was an amazing experience! I am also preparing to be a Best Buddies Ambassador. My favorite food is pizza and favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Pattie.

Ryan: My name is Ryan. I have been a part of Middletown’s Unified Theater for 5 years, enjoying my role as Stage Manager. I have also helped children with disabilities at Social Sabby’s camp for the past few summers. I think Unified Theater is an awesome program! It’s a great place for kids of all abilities to have fun! I will be entering my senior year at Middletown High School in the fall. I will be taking my 3rd year of TV production and I am very happy about it. It will be my 4th year on the football and wrestling team, and also as a student in the FFA program. I love being part of a team; my football and wrestling teams are like family, just like in UT! I also love working with animals, and I am hoping to attend college in 2017 to learn to be a Veterinarian Technician. I am already planning for our next Unified Theater performance, and I am very excited to be a part of the YLC!! I am sure it will help me with our production as well as the skills I will need in life!

Lindsay: Hi! My name is Lindsay, and I will be a senior at Barrington High School in Rhode Island.  I started the Unified Theater chapter at my school my sophomore year, and I have since acted as the producer of our first two productions.  Aside from UT, I really enjoy video production, singing, reading, and hanging out with friends.  At school, I participate in the daily news show, debate, student council, etc. I am so excited to be a part of the YLC for a second year.

Alexa: Hi, I’m Alexa, and I’m a graduate of Amity Regional High School. I first learned about Unified Theater when it was introduced to my high school during my freshman year. Throughout my years in Unified Theater, I’ve been a student leader, a producer, and I recently co-directed our school's production of Reel Life. As well as Unified Theater, I am on the crew for all my school’s productions. Besides theater, I also co-manage the Amity Ultimate Frisbee Team. Outside of school, I like to watch Youtube and make videos with my friends. I am honored to be a YLC member and I hope my contribution to Unified Theater enhances the wonderful program it already is.

Alana: Hi! My name is Alana. I am a rising freshman at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. I was the director for my Unified Theater production this year. I am a very enthusiastic, funny, and friendly person. I play lacrosse, model, dance, sing, write songs, and act. I am super excited to be apart of the YLC and to make new friends.

Aislinn: Hi I'm Aislinn I am 12 years old and I have done Unified Theater for 5 years. I have been choreographer and assistant director. I love Unified! This program has made me feel like I am part of something big. I plan to use my inclusion in every way I can.

Wava: I’m Wava and I am a soon-to- be 8th grader. I’ve been involved in UT for 3 years, and have held the position of Inclusion Specialist and Stage Manager. It’s been amazing to participate in such a wonderful program and see the ones around me grow and thrive. Outside of Unified Theater, I am a thrower for my track team. I enjoy writing, drawing and being able to work behind the scenes. I am excited to be part of the YLC this year!