Rockstar Profiles

Earning Your Unified Theater T-Shirt Every Day

Sara_UTGivesMeSara--a student at Sedgwick Middle School in West Hartford, Connecticut--was so excited to take on a leadersip role in her second year of Unified Theater in the Fall of 2015.  Together with her fellow student leaders, Sara led a group of over 100 students to have an amazingly fun time in their show, "Hollywood: Everyone's a Star."  Though only in her second year of Unified Theater, it's clear Sara embodies what Unified Theater is all about.  At the final curtain call, Sara gave a short speech & challenged us all to think about how we earn our Unified Theater t-shirt every day through our actions & words.

Katy Gaga & Rockstar Student Leadership

At the Suffield High School Unified Theater performance on June 3, 2015 a star was born! Katie Dorman, aka "Katy Gaga", showed off her Lady Gaga dance moves and performed to Poker Face with her SHS backup dancers. Katie loves Lady Gaga, and her student leaders knew this was the perfect way to spotlight Katie's abilities.  Her performance was such a hit, and Katie loves Lady Gaga so much, that several of her fellow Unified Theater rockstars wanted to get Katy Gaga even more attention.  So they started their own social media campaign-- #SendKatietoGaga-- so Katie could meet her idol!



A Growing Friendship

Lia and MaryIt happened while dancing to "Call Me Maybe."  A friendship.  A friendship that grew out of a shared love for dancing, singing, and performing with people of all abilities.  Lia and Mary met through Conard High School's Unified Theater program, but their friendship continues to grow long after rehearsals and shows. 

Click to read more about their story of friendship.

Lessons Learned and Lives Changed

Patrick (a senior at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in Massachusetts) has loved every minute of his Unified Theater experience. It is one that he feels his school has been needing. At a UT event in Boston this past spring, he and other L-S students shared their enthusiasm for Unified Theater with Boston-area supporters. Click through to read what Patrick told them about his UT experience.

Process, Not Product

It’s all about the process...of uncovering a person for who they are, of helping someone to grow and change, and of creating a new group of friends. See how Sammi from Chapel Hill High School (Chapel Hill, NC) did it all during her time as a UT student leader.

Being There in the Beginning

Unified Theater may have started with a handful of kids in a choir room, but it quickly inspired others to join. Conard High School (West Hartford, CT) alum Steve Ferketic remembers going to the very first performance back in 2002.

Bringing Her Best

Katie is a senior at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts and has been fostering inclusion, rocking dance moves, and leading her peers in Unified Theater for the last 3 years. Learn more about Katie's experiences with Unified Theater and how she puts the Spotlight on Ability...

Letting It Be "Perfectly Imperfect"

When the principal of Whisconier Middle School (Brookfield, CT) mentioned Unified Theater to teacher Julie Oakley three years ago, Julie knew that she wanted to be involved.  In the process, she's learned to embrace (and even enjoy!) the "Perfectly Imperfect"...

Keeping Inclusion in Mind

Lily Szajnberg graduated from Conard High School (West Hartford, CT) in 2004, but she hasn’t stopped learning from her Unified Theater experience. “The time I spent practicing and performing with Unified Theater is something I reflect on frequently to help me remember how significantly the quality of the product you are working towards improves when everyone leaves their insecurities and hang-ups at the door”

An Opportunity to Give Back

As a Student Leader, Carly of Smith Middle School (Glastonbury, CT) knows that Unified Theater brings people together to have fun, work hard, and form new and lasting friendships. She also knows that it is important to give other kids the chance to have the same experiences. So when Carly was asked to give back for her Bat Mitzvah, Carly choose to give to Unified Theater...  (Photo: Carly (center) with fellow Smith Middle School student leaders at a Spotlight Summit training.)