Steve: Being There in the Beginning

Unified Theater may have started with a handful of kids in a choir room, but it quickly inspired others to join. Conard High School (West Hartford, CT) alum Steve Ferketic remembers going to the very first performance back in 2002: 
"I remember being unsure whether I wanted to attend the event.  I had never heard of Unified Theater, and the performance was being held in the choir room, which seemed like a strange venue for a show.  Ultimately, I decided to attend because a number of my  friends were performing.  I had no idea what to expect. 

As I approached the choir room that night, I knew I was about to witness a special event.  The choir room was packed.  Parents and friends of performers crammed into every nook of the Conard choir room.  When the performance began, the atmosphere was electric. As the closing slide show ended, a stunned and moved audience emptied into the Conard High School hallways.  Everyone realized they’d just been a part of a special event. 

The next year, I, along with every other student who attended the inaugural performance, joined Unified Theater.  By the time I joined UT, performances were being held at the Park Road Playhouse and the cast had quadrupled in size."

Steve graduated from Conard in 2004 and went on to study at UConn and then Emory Law School. Now living in New Jersey and working as an Associate at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, one would think that the Unified Theater experience might not be so relevant to Steve any more. But Unified Theater deeply impacts its leaders, participants, and audience members. Steve often talks about how Unified Theater taught him to respect each individual's ability to contribute to projects, and that collaboration produces outcomes that never would have been possible had a project been completed by a solitary worker.

Steve's message to current and future Unified Theater students is this: "Enjoy your time participating in Unified Theater, strive to carry the lessons you learn as you go forward in life, and try to give back to your Unified Theater program after you graduate".
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