How it works

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We Empower Teens to Lead

Students take the lead in each and every element of a Unified Theater production. Directors, writers, lighting chiefs, choreographers, fundraisers, musicians, producers, stage managers, and actors - you name it, students do it.

We Value Collaboration

We put impact above organization. We embrace opportunities to grow and expand impact by collaborating and partnering with schools, government agencies businesses, and other not-for-profits. We foster a culture among young people that focuses on being their personal best, not simply winning or beating the competition, and embrace that same culture internally.

We Get Creative

Lets just say, we're not your typical school musical. In self-written shows students get to express themselves and live out loud! Crazy costumes! Fun music! Sick dance moves! Lighting effects! Dramatic entrances!

We Practice True Inclusion

In Unified Theater, there are no partners, helpers, buddies, or any other classification of participants based on ability. We respect each member as an absolute equal who is capable of unique contributions throughout the process.

We Emphasize Sustainability & Impact

Historically, efforts to bring arts, diversity training, and leadership development into schools are focused around residency programs and one-time events. These kinds of activities are often incredibly financially burdensome on schools and often lack long-term impact in schools.

At Unified Theater every element of our model and programming is focused on scalability, sustainability, and impact in schools. With our training and support, Unified Theater continues throughout the year, and touches a range of students, and transforms schools from the inside out.

We Focus On Schools

By working within middle, high schools, and colleges Unified Theater pushes schools to become more inclusive and creative. Participants develop a positive identity outside of their disability or social status. Before our eyes, our students transform into leaders, activists, storytellers, educators, and artists who radically change their schools and communities.s